Our Story

Our Belief and Vision

At Amila, we believe that all women are beautiful - it’s our individuality that makes each one of us special.

We believe every woman should be free to express herself and feel empowered in doing so. Most importantly, we believe every woman should KNOW THEIR WORTH.

At Amila, our mission is to empower women by providing affordable, fashionable, feminine and classy beauty items and accessories that inspire and extrude confidence - no matter age, shape, size, and color. 

About Amila

Amila began as a desire by three sisters who wanted to work together to help make a difference in the way women view themselves. 

We didn't like that we and other women we knew were feeling unworthy because of what they would see on social media. That the standard of what is beautiful is photoshopped and heavily edited images. Our hearts were filled with understanding because we ourselves knew what it was like to feel that way. 

We wanted a way to come together and help empower women and the one way we wanted to do so was by providing what we love to do for ourselves - wear lashes, makeup, and accessories - that expressed our individuality, and inspired our confidence - no matter age, shape, size, and color.  

Pictured L-R bottom: Nikki, middle sister and Kika, oldest sister. Pictured top: Dani, youngest sister