Amila Lux Lash Pens - 2 in 1 Glue & Eyeliner

It’s time to give up the messy glue! Our Amila Lux Lash Pens are a 2 in 1 tool - A combination of glue and black eyeliner. How easy is that! This is definitely one item you need and your make up bag. It will change the way you put on eyelashes forever!

  • Three Designs available 
  • Felt tip applicator
  • Black eyeliner color
  • Classy and stylish
  • Tip: these are felt tip applicators. Be sure to keep the lid on to prevent drying out and to saturate felt tip with product, shake pen (with lid on) before use. 

 For hygiene purposes, Lux Lash Pens are not eligible for return or refunds. All sales are final.